Our Story

Honoring the past. Building the future.

The story of Robert Hall is about more than a building. It’s about a history, diverse and rich in industry, ingenuity and design. And it reflects the commitment of the people and families who have inspired this vibrant corner of Winston-Salem for generations.

The building we now call Robert Hall has had many lives. Beginning in the early 1900s as a doctor’s office, then a café. Then in the mid-1930s it became the site of one of the largest sign shops in the Southeast, Coe & Hartman Signs.

When we purchased part of the property in the 1980s, we knew that Coe & Hartman had left a few signs in the basement. It wasn’t until we started our most recent renovation that we realized just how many there were. Stowed away and forgotten, there was the neon sign that once belonged to the Robert Hall store that sat along Highway 52 in Winston-Salem in the 1950s and 1960s. The chain of clothing stores went out of business 50 years ago and the sign had somehow made it back to where it was made.

In the latter part of the 20th century, the building was home to Bob’s Machine and Metal Fabricator, a shop owned and operated by our friend, Bob McCormick. We used to say that Bob was like a real-life Popeye. He raced sprint cars and motorcycles for more than three decades, but, above all, he was a true friend and mentor throughout the years. We ultimately decided to refurbish the Robert Hall sign and adopt the name as an homage to our late friend.

After breathing new life into the name, we then set out to give the building a new life, as well. We transformed Robert Hall into a place where people could come and experience the vibrant, eclectic neighborhood that is Industry Hill. We’re proud to say that our family has been part of this community going back several generations. And its future has never been brighter. We invite you to plan your next event or stay in Industry Hill with Robert Hall in mind.

– Christy & Will Spencer