Meet Robert Hall’s Event Manager: Kristopher Walter

Meet Robert Hall’s Event Manager: Kristopher Walter

As we add the finishing touches and last coats of paint inside Robert Hall, we’re opening reservations for events and looking forward to what this season has in store. This process, however, wouldn’t be possible without all of the work that our Event Manager, Kristopher Walter, has put in over the past few months. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Kristopher to ask him about his experience in the industry, what he’s most excited for at Robert Hall, and how he can help you plan your next big event. 


The Robert Hall Team: So Kristopher, how did you get started in the event planning industry?

Kristopher Walter: I went to school at East Carolina University and after my sophomore year I started looking for a job to help pay for rent. I ended up landing a position with Scarborough Fare Catering—they are a mom-and-pop-style catering company in Snow Hill, North Carolina. 


What did you learn while working there?

I worked with them up until I graduated in 2015 and learned pretty much everything I needed to know about managing events. I helped with a lot of weddings, high-end parties, and corporate fundraising events and I had the advantage of learning from two of the best—Allison Thomas and Justin Wilkes. The pair own Scarborough Fare Catering and they both have a go-getter attitude. They got me addicted to the lifestyle and showed me how much fun you could have in this industry. 


Where did you end up after you graduated from East Carolina University?

I actually applied for an attendant position with United Airlines on a whim. I ended up getting hired, went through training, made it, and had an absolute blast. I worked with the airline for a couple of years and when I came back to Winston-Salem in 2018 I found a job at Footnote Coffee and Cocktails. It was there that I met up with Jennie Hess. She has been a longtime friend of Christy and Will [the owners of Robert Hall] and I would definitely consider her to be one of my biggest mentors. She really helped Footnote when they opened up their event space and I worked as her assistant from 2018 until 2020. Then COVID hit…


That was such a hard time for the event industry. Did the pandemic sway your mind?

Not at all. If anything, the COVID pandemic showed me that I missed being around people and that I wanted to continue advancing in this industry. 


You’ve been with us through some heavy renovation. What has your experience been like watching Robert Hall transform into the space that it is now?

When I first got hired in February the space was an active construction zone. There was dust, mechanical equipment, and wood piles everywhere. But, as Christy and Will walked me through the space, I could see their vision and knew immediately that it was going to be special. It’s been so rewarding to watch the final phases of the renovation come to completion and to see some of Robert Hall’s signature pieces installed. Some of my favorite moments have been watching the patio in The Garden being paved, installing the light fixtures that show off the newly stained wood floors and refinished mahogany bar in Capone’s Bar, and seeing the bronze doors that lead in to the second floor of Robert Hall illuminate when the sun hits them. 


Dreamy! Are those some of your favorite elements inside Robert Hall?

Definitely. I also really love the replica 1930s art deco chandelier we just finished installing in The Vault. It serves as a beautiful focal point and it looks as if the room is wearing a crown. But, we could talk about details all day—there is no shortage of them inside each of the three venue spaces.



So, what is your vision for Robert Hall and what will planning events with you look like?

My vision is just for people to have a really great time. We have three distinct event spaces at Robert Hall that can be used together or reserved individually which gives people a variety of options and flexibility when planning their event. I want them to enjoy themselves and I want to make the planning experience seamless, easy, and fun. Whether you need help with concepts, finding vendors, or just don’t know the first step to planning a party, I will steer you straight to your vision. Each event has its own unique challenges to overcome, but discovering those solutions together is what makes it fun! By the time your event is planned, you’ll be an expert, too.