Robert Hall Secret Supper Society’s “Pride & Prejudinner”—The Meal

Robert Hall Secret Supper Society’s “Pride & Prejudinner”—The Meal

The Robert Hall Secret Supper Society will be hosting its first event of the year on Friday, March 22nd. 

Inspired by the literary talents of Jane Austen and the Regency era, the “Pride & Prejudinner” will feature a four-course seated dinner, bar service, and vignettes of a theatrical adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice.” 

In anticipation of next month’s event, our team sat down with Chef Kathleen Watson of Cuisine Kathleen to talk about the inspiration behind the night’s menu.


Chef Kathleen Watson. Image courtesy of Cuisine Kathleen.


The Robert Hall Team: Kathleen, we are so excited to have you as the featured chef for our “Pride + Prejudinner” event on March 22nd. How long have you been a part of the food and service industry?

Kathleen Watson: I have been the chef proprietor of Cuisine Kathleen since I started my catering business in 2017 in Lexington, North Carolina. But, I’ve been in the food and event business all my life, having been raised in my family’s meat packing company and restaurant in the Midwest. I planned many special events all over the country while working in public relations for corporations such as R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and I’ve also helped entrepreneurs start wineries such as Childress Vineyards and Burntshirt Vineyards. All along my passion was food and menu planning and preparation, and I finally realized my dream through the creation of Cuisine Kathleen.   


How will the food for March 22nd’s dinner keep in theme with Jane Austen and the Regency era? Can you share some of the things that inspired the night’s menu?

From my research about the Regency Period in which “Pride and Prejudice” was set, dining was a big event marked by roast meats, fresh seafood if one lived close to the sea, fresh vegetables from the garden for the wealthy, and lavish sweets! We are going to incorporate all of the above in our menu for the dinner theatre! Another preoccupation of the Regency Period was all things French—so we’re going to bring in a bit of French flair through our preparation of cheese for the salad course and sauces and vegetables to accompany the Butter Roasted Beef Tenderloin which is the main course. 


Images courtesy of Cuisine Kathleen. 


Sounds absolutely delicious! Is there anything else that you feel like Secret Supper Society members should know about you or the plans you have for our “Pride & Prejudinner” event?

My culinary team and I are excited to showcase our signature dishes for the first time in Winston-Salem at Robert Hall. Up to this time, we’ve catered for thousands in Lexington and Davidson County so it is our distinct honor and pleasure to make our Forsyth County debut next month paired with The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem in the fabulous setting of Robert Hall.   


Tickets for our “Pride & Prejudinner” event are currently available and on sale for Society members. To learn more about the Robert Hall Secret Supper Society, send an email to our Event Manager, Kristopher Walter, at or inquire via our website at