The Huntley House: A Family Affair

The Huntley House: A Family Affair

Nestled neatly inside Robert Hall you’ll find The Huntley House, a set of boutique Airbnb accommodations that have been designed to make guests feel like they’ve come to stay with their most sophisticated, yet eclectic, relative. 

The Huntley House itself gets its name from Benjamin Franklin Huntley, Sr. In addition to owning and operating one of the most successful furniture companies born out of Winston-Salem, Mr. Huntley is the great-grandfather of one of our Co-Owners, Will Spencer. 

In true Robert Hall fashion, each of the five graciously appointed rooms inside The Huntley House have been named for different members of the Huntley family, reflecting the interestingly diverse influences of our history and community. 




The Lewis Room 

Up the stairs to the second floor of The Huntley House finds you in The Lewis Room. Snugly appointed and beautifully furnished, everything fits just so. The double bed, which is a vintage Huntley Furniture Company piece, features Art Moderne-details that complement the feel of the wallpaper that lines the back wall. 

“The artwork in the room includes paintings by my mother-in-law, Ann Lanier Spencer,” said Co-Owner, Christy Cox Spencer. “In fact, the one with the bust on a pedestal is probably one of my very favorites and I almost didn’t hand it inside The Huntley House because I didn’t want to part with it.”

The incorporation of Ann’s paintings is more than befitting considering the name “Lewis” comes from her side of the family. Complete with a European-style ensuite, The Lewis Room is ideal for efficient, yet discerning travelers. 




The Stoddard Room 

The Stoddard Room was named in honor of Kathleen Stoddard Huntley Spencer. 

“Kathleen was my husband’s paternal grandmother,” said Christy. “I really liked the name ‘Stoddard’ and always thought it was an interesting middle name for a girl—it seemed appropriate for the space.”

Refinement and comfort blend seamlessly in The Stoddard Room. An interesting selection of timeless pieces, including a spacious British Colonial style king bed, combine with a soothing palette to help make your stay as relaxing as it is memorable. 




The Kathleen Room 

A turn at the top of the stairs takes you to the largest of the five bedrooms inside The Huntley House. Much like The Stoddard Room, The Kathleen Room also take’s its name from Kathleen Stoddard Huntley Spencer, or “Kaki” for short. 

“We wanted the space to feel sophisticated, but welcoming—just as Kaki was in person,” said Christy. “A pink mini-fridge sits in the corner of the room as an ode to Kaki’s favorite color, while her portrait serves as the focal point of the room.”

Chic and spacious, The Kathleen Room combines beautiful textures, an impeccable collection of timeless pieces, and unique light fixtures that make you feel right at home. 




The Fulton Room 

The first floor of The Huntley House welcomes individual guests to The Fulton Room, an elegantly simple ADA-compliant bedroom featuring a single bed and generously accessible bathroom. 

“The name ‘Fulton’ comes from my mother-in-law, Ann Fulton Lanier Spencer,” said Christy. “I love that the name feels a little masculine—it adds a nice balance to the design of the room.”



The Lanier Room 

Bright and cheerful, The Lanier Room features a fabulous view of Downtown Winston-Salem. The queen bed, thoughtfully curated furnishings, and charming ensuite make you feel right at home. 

“Two of my very favorite people carry the ‘Lanier’ name—it was my mother-in-law’s maiden name and one of my nephews is named Lanier,” said Christy. “It’s an old Danville, Virginia family name that dates back to at least 1810. They were landowners, tobacco farmers, owned a very large mill, and the road that the farm is on in Pittsylvania County is called Lanier Mill Road.”

The bed frame that sits in the room belonged to Christy and Will after they were first married. Its farmhouse look compliments the story behind the Lanier family and pairs well with the antique blue lamps that have stayed with the family for generations.