Say Hello to Thirsty Buffalo, Robert Hall’s Exclusive Bar Partner

Say Hello to Thirsty Buffalo, Robert Hall’s Exclusive Bar Partner

As we dive into another season of unforgettable events at Robert Hall, we are thrilled to announce our new and exclusive bar partnership with Thirsty Buffalo Beverage Catering. 

For us, a bar is more than just a place to grab a drink—it’s a hub of celebration and connection. With this ethos in mind, we knew we wanted to seek out a bar partner that shares our passion for delivering exceptional service, crafting exquisite beverages, and fostering an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. We’re happy to say that we have found all of this and more with Thirsty Buffalo. 


Meet the Husband and Wife Duo Behind Thirsty Buffalo—Matt and Jessica Judson

After moving to Winston-Salem in 2015, Jessica and Matt knew they wanted to become a permanent fixture in the area’s bar and beverage scene. 

“Being immersed in and witnessing innovation in the bar industry around the country, we wanted to expand that in Winston-Salem,” said Jessica. “Catering private events allows us to use our knowledge and creativity to build a unique and memorable experience for our clients and their guests.” 

Since 2019, Jessica and her husband Matt have been operating Thirsty Buffalo Beverage Catering—a mobile bar team dedicated to providing outstanding service, delicious cocktails, and impressive ambience at private events in and around Winston-Salem. Over the last five years, the pair have flexed their nearly 40 years of combined experience in the service industry while bartending at parties, corporate networking events, weddings, and everything in between. 

“We initially hired Thirsty Buffalo to run the bar at our Robert Hall Friendsgiving event in 2022,” said Kristopher Walter, Robert Hall’s Event Manager. “We knew almost immediately upon working with Jessica and Matt that we wanted to form a partnership with them and have them be the sole operators of our bar in Capone’s. They’re down to earth, relatable, family-oriented, and professional—everything we strive to be at Robert Hall.”


Crafting Excellence in Service and Taste

Thirsty Buffalo brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to Capone’s Bar at Robert Hall. Their dedication to fostering a fun and inclusive bar atmosphere is the perfect complement to their skillfully crafted beverages.

“The bar is such a good opportunity to make an impact on your guests’ experiences because the bar service is going to be interacting with them more than any other hired vendor,” said Jessica. “There is nothing worse than a grumpy bartender at a beautiful event where everyone is happy and celebrating. It’s our number one goal to provide a service that is giving a positive energy while simultaneously stepping up the game as far as drinks go.”

In addition to offering a menu that is centered around locally crafted beer, fine wines, and bold spirits, Thirsty Buffalo also prides itself on its seasonal signature cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

“We’re always happy to serve your classic options like Manhattans and margaritas, but having a seasonal signature cocktail menu that we have crafted ourselves is something that we really enjoy doing,” said Jessica. “We also offer non-alcoholic drinks and can make all of our cocktails as mocktails. This is important to us because we want people who are sober or don’t drink alcohol to feel included, have a fun bar experience, and not feel like they are stuck drinking water all night.” 


What to Expect When You Book an Event With Thirsty Buffalo

When booking an event at Robert Hall, you’ll have the option to choose from a number of bar packages with Thirsty Buffalo. 

“Everyone is looking for something a little different when it comes to the bar, so we made sure to put together a few options,” said Jessica. “If you’re hosting an event where you want people to pay for their own drinks, we can do a cash bar. If you want to cover the cost of the bar as a host we have a couple of all-inclusive bar packages to pick from. And, if you’d rather wait and pay only for what your guests consume, we can accommodate that as well.”  

If you’re looking to elevate your bar experience even more, Thirsty Buffalo also offers three mobile bar rentals that can be incorporated into your event at Robert Hall

  • The Outdoor Horse Trailer Bar is designed to bring a unique and personable experience to guests outside in The Garden. The attached seating area expands the party and makes the perfect conversation piece at any event. 
  • The Trike Bar is full of charm and character. This indoor or outdoor bar offers a classic white slate, making it the perfect canvas to match any special occasion. It’s ideal for coffee bars, tea and lemonade, or as a cake display. 
  • The Allen Bar is Thirsty Buffalo’s most versatile bar. This six-foot, all-white bar can go just about anywhere. You can even combine two Allen Bars together for larger parties and create 12-feet of bar space. Classic and luxurious, to fit any event! 

Another thing we love about Thirsty Buffalo is their attention to detail when it comes to curating a menu that honors your taste and budget. 

“We love working with couples and event planners and focusing on what makes sense for them, their guests, and their budget,” said Jessica. “Planning the bar can be stressful, so we try to simplify it and make it more of a fun experience. There is a lot of work that goes into balancing a bar budget with a bar vision, but it’s a puzzle we always enjoy putting together.”

All of us here at Robert Hall are so excited to officially welcome Thirsty Buffalo to the family. We believe in continually enhancing the services we offer to our patrons and feel that this partnership will amplify our bar offerings and elevate guests’ experiences. 

“Matt and Jessica just completely round out our ‘dream team’ here at Robert Hall,” said Christy Cox Spencer, Robert Hall’s Proprietor. “Their level of professionalism and dedication to their craft is just what we aim to create at our venue. There is a synergy around what we all bring to the table as a group and it’s a delight to work with them. Plus, they make the most delicious cocktails!”