Introducing Robert Hall’s Secret Supper Society

Introducing Robert Hall’s Secret Supper Society

We are so excited to announce the launch of Robert Hall’s Secret Supper Society.

The Secret Supper Society is a members-only dining and entertainment extravaganza that boasts a convergence of talented chefs aligning with receptive palates, unique performances, and handcrafted cocktails.

An unparalleled evening of entertainment, each supper is designed to evoke an appreciation of the present moment, celebrating life around a table display in a remarkable setting with new and old friends. 



I had the opportunity to sit down with Robert Hall’s Co-Owner, Christy Cox Spencer, to talk about the inspiration behind the Secret Supper Society, how to join, and the plans for our Spring Jam Session dinner on Friday, April 14th. 


Kristopher Walter: Supper clubs have cultivated communities for decades. I like to think of them as the love child of an exclusive restaurant, an intimate dinner party, and a lively social club. They piece together the best parts of these three environments and create an atmosphere where community, entertainment, and the culinary arts are intertwined. Can you share some of your interest in supper clubs and the inspiration behind Robert Hall’s Secret Supper Society?

Christy Cox Spencer: Robert Hall has been my passion project over the past couple of years. I knew I wanted the space to be a place where people from our community could gather regularly, so we needed to find a way to create that opportunity. That’s really where the members-only, by-invitation supper club idea came about. The purpose of the Secret Supper Society is rooted in reigniting the essence of yesteryear’s supper clubs. I love to entertain and find a lot of joy in creating environments where people might not be able to tell you why they are so happy in that space, they just know they are. I want people to feel excited about getting dressed up to go to dinner—and not just a quick dinner at a bar, but one that features a full night of music, performances, exceptional food and drinks, and even better company. 


KW: I know that another goal for these dinners is to provide chefs with the opportunity to demonstrate their skill, push culinary boundaries, and experiment with new techniques. How do you go about selecting which chefs will be involved?

CCS: The Secret Supper Society would not be possible without the help of Lisa McMullen and Project Short Street. Lisa and her team are raising the bar on shared-use kitchens by offering a state-of-the-art facility that provides a turn-key model for cloud kitchens, caterers, food trucks, product developers, and chefs. They have a network of more than 70 up-and-coming and seasoned chefs that we’ll be sourcing from for all of our dinners. When I met Lisa about a year ago, I knew we would make a great team. The idea for the Secret Supper Society really solidified after the two of us came together. 



KW: It’s fairly customary for supper club dinners to feature different themes. Will the Secret Supper Society keep with tradition?

CCS: Yes. Our goal is to offer a unique and brand new experience every eight to ten weeks—no two dinners will be the same. The Secret Supper Society’s inaugural event, which took place earlier this year, was based around a winter cabaret theme. February’s dinner featured a five-course meal prepared by Chef Charley Smith and performances from the talented ladies at Red Velvet Burlesque. Guests also enjoyed wine pairings from our friends at Golden Roads Vineyards and a special take on the Manhattan during cocktail hour. The goal was to curate an experience that was reminiscent of the Cotton Club and Copacabana, and it was a total hit. We try not to give away too much detail about upcoming dinners to our members—themes are unexpected and each one is different. We always want our members to anticipate the next event and be surprised when they walk through the door. 


KW: For people who are interested, how do you become a part of the Secret Supper Society? Can members invite non-members to events?

CCS: Robert Hall’s Secret Supper Society is by invitation only, but this doesn’t mean we’re unduly exclusive. We want people that this appeals to to reach out to us. When someone who has the intention and desire to join inquires, we’ll send them an invitation. From here, prospective members have the opportunity to choose between one of two membership types—our premium membership, which is $50 a year, and our basic membership, which is $25 a year. Members receive invitations and have the opportunity to purchase tickets to all of our events regardless of which tier they decide to join, but premium members are afforded additional benefits like exclusive pre-registration and multi-event packages. As a member you can purchase as many tickets to any one of our dinners as you like—there is no cap. This means you can invite non-members to our events and couples or families don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple memberships. Ultimately, we’re curating a community of people who can appreciate culinary arts and intentional living. The goal is to attract people who can anticipate that next gathering and see the value of spending $125 to $150 on a ticket. 


KW: I know you said you don’t want to give away too much in regard to future dinners, but is there anything else you can tell us about April’s Jam Session dinner? 

CCS: While brainstorming theme ideas for April’s dinner my mom Teresa—who is Robert Hall’s Hospitality & Design Coordinator—discovered that April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Because Capone’s Bar and The Vault have such an intimate, vintage feel to them, a jazz theme felt like a natural fit for the space. We plan on having two jazz performers and the night’s menu will be curated by Chef Jordan Rainbolt of Native Root. Jordan is a private chef who prides herself on using indigenous ingredients and global inspiration to create unique tasting experiences. We are so excited to host her culinary talents in our space and can’t wait to see what comes of the night.


Have we piqued your interest? If you want to learn more about Robert Hall’s Secret Supper Society, send me an email at or inquiry via our website at We hope to share a meal with you soon!