Meet Robert Hall’s Hospitality & Design Coordinator: Teresa Miller

Meet Robert Hall’s Hospitality & Design Coordinator: Teresa Miller

We’re growing! We are so excited to announce that we have welcomed Teresa Miller—who also happens to be the mom of our Co-Owner, Christy Cox Spencer—as Robert Hall’s Hospitality & Design Coordinator. In addition to helping our Event Manager, Kris Walter, transform the decor inside Robert Hall to best meet the needs of our individual patrons, Teresa will also be here to help curate seasonal decorations and lend her green thumb in The Garden. 

“I was a deer in the headlights at the mention of Christmas decorations,” said Kris. “Teresa has an eye like Christy, and the decoration experience I lack—especially when it comes to the holidays. In addition to having a keen eye for detail and a huge heart, Teresa knows just how to make you feel at home inside each of the spaces at Robert Hall.” 

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Teresa to ask her more about her role as a part of our team, her experience with interior design, and what she loves most about Robert Hall. 


The Robert Hall Team: We are so excited to have you officially join our team! Can you describe some of the things you will be responsible for as Robert Hall’s Hospitality & Design Coordinator? 

Teresa Miller: My role as Hospitality & Design Coordinator at Robert Hall will be to assist Kris and Christy with design and decorations. Whether it be decorating for the holidays and events or helping guide furniture and decor purchases for the space, I feel my role will evolve as Robert Hall does. 


What kinds of projects have you worked on so far?

Kris and I recently decorated The Vault and Capone’s Bar for Christmas—it was a fun project. I hit the local home decorating stores looking for shiny Christmas decor because we wanted the spaces to shine and feel festive. I’m still emptying glitter out of my shoes, and if I had to guess, so is Kris! We have an enormous silver Christmas tree erected in The Vault that took some manpower to put together, but it was so worth it. It’s a showstopper of a tree! Upstairs in Capone’s Bar we have two beautiful amber-colored Christmas trees that match the feel of the space and are so festive. 


You did an excellent job of transforming the space for the holidays. Have you decorated for Christmas on this scale before? 

Yes! I was fortunate enough to work with a talented and incredible designer approximately 20 years ago at a large garden center. We decorated approximately 12 artificial Christmas trees and the entire indoor shopping area. The woman I worked for taught me a great deal about design and decorating.


What other kinds of experience do you have with curating decor?

I am a self-taught floral designer, and over the years I have gone to a few floral design shows and classes. I also love to create fresh flower designs when I entertain at home. I especially love fresh greenery designs that have a little citrus added to them (like lemons and limes), and a tablescape with fresh greenery, pears and apples, and candles is perfect for a fall evening dinner. 


As Christy’s mom, what has it been like watching her transform Robert Hall over the past couple of years? 

I remember watching Christy’s eyes and facial expressions as she described her vision of renovations at Robert Hall. The passion and excitement in her eyes and face said it all… “Wait til you see this Winston-Salem!” I had the pleasure of assisting Christy with some of the initial decorating inside The Huntley House. That project was so rewarding and a great deal of fun. Working with my daughter and bouncing ideas off of each other as we hung pictures and bought decor items was an incredible experience for me. I know Christy and I share a love for design which makes working together all that more exciting. 


That shared passion definitely shows! Is that what ultimately led you to accept the position at Robert Hall?

I retired from a full-time position in banking a little over a year ago thinking I would be perfectly happy walking my dog Pearl every day, getting more involved in my neighborhood, having more time to spend going to lunch with friends, and organizing my house. I actually did enjoy all of those retirement choices, however something was definitely missing from my life. It was the challenge of working that I was missing, but I knew I did not want to go back to the grind—or as Dolly Parton put it…”Working 9 to 5.” So one day while visiting my daughter at her office I mentioned that I thought I would look for a part-time job. Her comment was “WHAT? Where are you thinking you want to work?” I said “I don’t know—something part time, something enjoyable.”  Christy said “Hey, I could use you!” It was a win-win situation. Christy needed help, and I needed to be needed!


We love that—especially the part about Dolly! Okay, final question. What is your favorite thing about Robert Hall and why?

My favorite thing about Robert Hall is telling people about the history of the building. The Coe and Hartman sign company that once occupied the space at Robert Hall and the incredible  signs that were discovered in the basement of the building during the renovations. Even though my daughter and her husband, Will, knew there were signs in the basement, they didn’t realize the treasure chest of signs they had until they uncovered them. I think it is important to acknowledge the past and honor the history of the building by telling its story. 


Featured image by Aven Angel Photography.