Meet Robert Hall’s Sales Manager: Mary Elizabeth Brunstetter

Meet Robert Hall’s Sales Manager: Mary Elizabeth Brunstetter

We are so excited to announce that we have welcomed a new member to our team—Mary Elizabeth Brunstetter. Mary Elizabeth is joining the likes of Kristopher Walter, Teresa Miller, and Christy Cox Spencer and is taking on the new role as Robert Hall’s Sales Manager. 

“Mary Elizabeth has worked with us at our primary business, JKS Incorporated, since 2009 as the Business Relations Manager,” said Christy Cox Spencer, Robert Hall’s Proprietor. “Mary Elizabeth is part of the backbone at JKS and bringing her onto the team at Robert Hall seemed like a natural fit with her strengths. She is incredibly personable and has an attention to detail that is a must with event sales—she is also one of the hardest working women that I know and is fun to work with.”

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mary Elizabeth and ask her about her new position, the experience she is bringing to the role, and some of her favorite things about Robert Hall. 


The Robert Hall Team: It’s so nice to have you officially join the Robert Hall team! Can you share a little bit about your new role as Sales Manager?

Mary Elizabeth: Absolutely. Robert Hall has been open for a little over a year now and due to the hardwork and dedication from Christy, Kris, and Teresa, the space has become a recognized event venue in Winston-Salem. The business is growing and we are receiving a lot of inquiries into the venue each week. I have been brought on to help on the sales side of the business—I will be responsible for responding to inquiries, setting site tours, and putting proposals together for our prospective clients. 


Christy mentioned that you have worked with her at JKS Incorporated for nearly 15 years. What kinds of experience will you be bringing with you from JKS and previous jobs?

I worked in corporate hospitality for about five years prior to starting work at JKS in 2009. My role consisted of setting up luxury events for clients, VIP guests, fans, and even contest winners from sporting events. Now, at JKS, I work with a lot of clients that come to us with an idea of an experiential event or display and they look to us to build out the concept and bring it to life. At Robert Hall, I will be working with potential clients to bring their vision for their special event to fruition, so there are certainly a lot of parallels between my two roles. 


Working next door at JKS, you’ve been very close to the Robert Hall project since its beginning stages. What has it been like watching the space transform from a dilapidated building into the event venue and Airbnb destination that it is today?

To say that it has been an incredible transformation would be an understatement. Christy and Will are from Winston-Salem and they have an appreciation for the city’s history and unmistakable drive to preserve its buildings. I think that they have done an amazing job of maintaining the building’s character and industrial look while adding unique characteristics to the space. It’s apparent that a lot of thought also went into the purpose behind each of the venues inside Robert Hall. The Vault, The Garden, and Capone’s Bar all have their own look and feel, but also flow seamlessly into one another. They can be reserved individually for more intimate gatherings or paired together for larger parties, weddings, and corporate events. Meanwhile, The Huntley House, which houses the boutique Airbnb accommodations, makes Robert Hall more of a private event destination. A lot of bridal parties use the Airbnb space to get ready for the big day or have family from out of town stay there. And honestly, it makes my job that much easier because the space really sells itself. 


The versatility and character of the space that you speak about—would you say that those are some of your favorite things about Robert Hall?

Absolutely. Robert Hall is such a unique event space that has a lot of charm and a lot of character. You don’t have to add much decor or entertainment to your party because there is such a cool atmosphere that already exists within the space. When people first tour our venue, they are absolutely blown away by all that it has to offer. I always enjoy seeing the look on people’s faces when they see it for the first time. 


What else are you looking forward to most about working at Robert Hall and with its clients?

I think the simplest answer to this question is just how much fun it is going to be. I get to work with clients that are excited to envision their special occasion and their life happening at Robert Hall—whether it be a wedding rehearsal dinner, gender reveal party, a birthday party, or whatever else it may be. It brings me a lot of joy to be a part of that excitement and help bring clients’ visions to life. 


How do people get in contact with you?

Anyone that is interested in visiting the space or learning more about our event packages is welcome to reach out to me by email at Don’t hesitate to reach out!