Robert Hall Secret Supper Society’s “Pride & Prejudinner”—The Inspiration

Robert Hall Secret Supper Society’s “Pride & Prejudinner”—The Inspiration

The Robert Hall Secret Supper Society’s “Pride & Prejudinner” will take place on Friday, March 22nd. Open to all Society members and their guests, our first event of the year is sure to transport you back to the 19th century. 

In true Jane Austen fashion, the night will feature a four-course seated dinner by Chef Kathleen Watson, bar service by Thirsty Buffalo Beverage Catering, and vignettes of the theatrical adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” created by Tara Raczenski of The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem. 

As March 22nd draws closer, we sat down with Christy Cox Spencer, Robert Hall’s Proprietor, to talk about the inspiration behind the “Pride & Prejudinner” and what members can expect from the event. 



The Robert Hall Team: The Robert Hall Secret Supper Society hasn’t hosted a Regency-themed party before. How did the idea for the “Pride & Prejudinner” come about?

Christy Cox Spencer: When it comes to the inspiration behind our events, it almost always leads back to Lisa McMullen at Project Short Street. Lisa had met Tara Raczenski from The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem and learned that she was working on an adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice.” Lisa immediately thought of me and the Secret Supper Society and introduced the two of us. We invited Tara to Robert Hall and talked more about her theatrical adaptation and how we could incorporate it into a Society event. I have always loved historical fiction and “Pride & Prejudice” the movie is one of my all-time favorites. I obviously enjoy reading Regency era novels, but getting to see it play out on screen or on stage just adds a whole new dimension to it. When Tara said that she could create vignettes of her theatrical adaptation that could be performed at a Society event and that The Little Theatre also had 19th-century-inspired costumes that members could rent for the dinner, all of the pieces fell right into place. 


Speaking of costumes, given that we are encouraging (but not requiring) attendees to wear Regency era attire to our “Pride & Prejudinner,” is it safe to assume that you’ll be wearing something festive?

Yes, of course. The look of the Regency era has a little bit of everything I love—color, fabric, and jewelry. All of it appeals to my senses. After some searching, I found a floor-length champagne-colored dress with long, drapey lace sleeves. It’s maybe a bit more fitted than what the Bennets might have worn, but I think it still looks true to the time period. I’ve also purchased a tiara and plan to wrap a long string of pearls around my neck. I am going to be the Duchess of Robert Hall and absolutely bejeweled. 


What else are you looking forward to at our the Secret Supper Society’s “Pride & Prejudinner” event?

I just love that we have the opportunity to bring a very well-known story—one that most people have either heard about, seen on screen, or were required to read in school—to a new stage. We can expect Tara’s adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” to be lighthearted, imaginative, and funny. I’m really hoping to reintroduce our guests to Jane Austen in a way they might have dismissed when they were younger. Plus, I love and look forward to any excuse to get dressed up. 

Tickets for our “Pride & Prejudinner” are currently available and on sale for Society members. To learn more about the Robert Hall Secret Supper Society, send an email to our Event Manager, Kristopher Walter, at or inquire via our website at