Shrimp Boilin’ & Shag Dancin’ with the Secret Supper Society

Shrimp Boilin’ & Shag Dancin’ with the Secret Supper Society

Get ready to join us for a toe-tapping, taste-bud-tingling evening filled with Gulf Coast flavor and beachside beats! 

On Friday, June 7th the Robert Hall Secret Supper Society will be hosting their Shag Dancin’ & Shrimp Boilin’ event. In anticipation of next month’s beach-themed supper, we’re highlighting a few of the things Society members and their guests can expect from the evening. 

Shag Dancing in The Garden

Shag dancing, often simply called “the shag,” is a partner dance that carries a vibrant history rooted in American social dance traditions. With its smooth moves and beachy vibes, shag dancing has captured the hearts of dancers for nearly a century. 

Shag dancing originated in the African American communities of the South during the 1920s and 1930s. It evolved from early swing dances like the jitterbug and the Lindy Hop, becoming particularly popular in the beach towns of the Carolinas. By the 1940s and 1950s, shag dancing had become synonymous with the lively beach music scene. Young people flocked to dance halls and beach pavilions, grooving to the sounds of rhythm and the blues. The dance’s easygoing, yet sophisticated style made it a hit, and it quickly became a staple of social life along the Atlantic coast.

It was in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where Robert Hall’s very own Hospitality & Design Coordinator, Teresa Miller (seen in the pictures above), fell in love with the dance and became an avid shagger herself. 

“As a young teenager in the 60s, the coolest place to dance and hang out was definitely North Myrtle Beach which is comprised of several small beach towns like Windy Hill, Atlantic Beach, Crescent Beach, Ocean Drive, and Cherry Grove,” said Teresa. “When we were able to drive ourselves to North Myrtle Beach our haunts were Ocean Drive where we danced at the O.D. Pavilion and Cherry Grove where we danced at Sonny’s Pavilion. The jukeboxes there were steadily fed quarters by guys looking for dance partners.” 

What makes shag dancing special is its blend of simplicity and sophistication. It’s easy to learn by offering endless possibilities for creativity and expression. Typically performed to beach music or rhythm and blues, shag dancing emphasizes smooth footwork, a close connection with your partner, and a relaxed attitude. 

While it will not be required, guests will be encouraged to try their feet at a little shag dancing at next month’s event. Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, The Holiday Band will be joining the festivities and performing a little Carolina Beach music to ripen the mood. 

Looking for a few shagging tips and tricks? Check out this “Intro to The Carolina Shag” tutorial video! 


A Low-Country Boil by Chef Gunny’s Eats, Sweets, & Spices

In addition to shag dancing and beach music, Society members will also have the opportunity to enjoy a low-country boil prepared by Charley Smith of Chef Gunny’s Eats, Sweets, & Spices. 

Chef Charley grew up on the coast of Mississippi, where his love for southern food and Cajun cuisine was first realized. In addition to running a home-bakery business and renowned hot dog cart with his wife Laurie, Chef Charley also works as a personal chef and caterer. Society members who attended our inaugural Winter Cabaret dinner may remember his delicious braised beef short ribs that was prepared with a truffle butter bourbon glazed, topped with a haricot vert and sugar snap pea sauté, and served on a plate of garlic crushed smashed potato. 

When deciding what types of meal would compliment an evening of shag dancing and beach music, we knew that a low-country boil was the way to go. Packed with shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes, and seasonings, a low-country boil is a communal meal that’s as much about the social gathering as it is about the food. 

“Being from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I’ve had and cooked my fair share of seafood boils,” said Chef Charley. “I hope guests will take a small part of my Mississippi heritage with them.” 


How to Purchase Tickets

Tickets to next month’s Shrimp Boilin’ and Shag Dancin’ event are currently on sale for members of the Secret Supper Society and can be purchased via the Member’s Menu. 

Not a member but interested in joining? Send an email to our Event Manager, Kristopher Walter, at or inquire via our website at

We hope to see you soon!